Pet Insurance? Definitely worth considering!
At veterinarian Het Beestenkasteel, we often get questions about pet insurance. Should we or should we not insure our healthy puppy or kitten?
Many people underestimate the cost of treatment. For a normal consultation costs than expected, but it is different when your pet something is wrong and needs medical treatment. The cost can thus add up quickly. For this reason, more and more owners take out adequate insurance for their pet.
Consider yourself the following: you can pay an unexpected high payout without any problem then it might not need to take out insurance. But that's not possible for everyone at all times. By taking out a pet insurance you know that you make need not worry about unexpected medical expenses. For example, if your dog breaks a leg may increase the cost of surgery in an orthopedic specialist to € 1,500 and on weekends even up to € 2,500.
Different providers

In the Netherlands there are several providers of pet insurance asset. To make a good choice, you can compare the best conditionsa nd services from all providers. Please choose carefully, insurance is similar but also differ in certain respects. For example, pay attention:

The maximum compensation per insurance year.

  • the manner of declaring and any costs of the declaration and the payment date.
  • possible limited coverage at the start of the insurance waiting period.
  • For some breeds any exclusions that apply. premiums, premium and entry-aging supplement. In general, the higher the premium, the higher the coverage.

The coverage:

  • Will dental cleaning be reimbursed?
  • Are diagnosis, treatment and aftercare reimbursed hip or elbow problems?
  • Is specialist care (for referral) fully covered?
  • Are emergency care fully covered?
    There are several websites where you can compare pet insurance. For example
    Here you can compare different providers interact with one another. For example, you as the owner of a cat or dog make a clear choice. If you then have any questions you can always contact us!